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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is the wait for the walk-in?

A: Due to the busy nature of the walk-in clinic, the staff are unable to predict wait times to see the doctor.

Q: Which doctor is on walk-in?
A: To read the urgent care schedule for the week, click here.

Q: Can I walk-in for blood work?

A: Blood work patients should book appointments, especially during busy times (8:30 AM-11 AM). We try and accommodate as many walk-in blood work patients as our schedule permits.

Q: What is the cutoff time for walk-ins?

A: Cutoff for patient registration depends on patient volume and varies greatly, and as a result we recommend patients call before coming to the clinic in the latter part of the day to avoid disappointment.

Q: Are any of the doctors accepting new patients?

A: At present, the doctors at Family Care Medical Centre are not accepting new patients. If/when we are accepting new patients, it will be posted on our website.

Q: Can the nurse give me my test results?

A: Test results can only be provided to patients once they've been released by the doctor.

Q: How do I get my immunization records from my family doctor?

A: If the immunization has been administered in our office, we have an electronic record of it. If the immunization has not been administered in our office, we will not have record of it. If you are looking for immunization results, please press option 5 on the phone system to reach the nurse and leave a message with your request.

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